let's get it on.


Meditation Chambers of the Emperor
2013, Nezua

A tranquil and mysterious family of lights emanates from this place. The doors will open to all, but not most days. 

Aside from all other fundamentals being practiced (as well as recent new tools like Bevel), created to practice new tools Poke Face, Wedge Face, Duplicate and Duplicate Special / Instance / Mirrored. Brought in new lamps Point Light and Volume Light, in addition to Area Light and two Spots. Feeling out strengths and properties of each type of light and how they combine on surfaces.

I’m very excited for the day soon I get to create not just each fleshed out, three dimensional building in a neighborhood, but the streets, the stones, the skies, and the light. Finally, I reach the shoebox diorama equivalent of adulthood….

1 year ago