let's get it on.


1) looking down into the alley of the little corner of a city i built to learn how to model environments in maya. the window display is of my own making, one of the places i took off and riffed on the exercise to flex my fledgling chops. as a kick, i included the very first thing i ever modeled in 3D software: those feet/shoes. i remember how happy i was that day! not so long ago. i still feel that happy. anyway, i didn’t know how to create either an ankle or ankle hole in a shoe then, so i’ve added it now. 

2) a high render view down into the alley, where you can see some steps i created for that corner door.

3) the fine work of smashing up the steps a little to provide some wear in a vector-based virtual city of precise lines and edges. i also bevel a lot of edges slightly as well as yank vertices around and create slightly uneven lines so things don’t feel overwhelmingly uniform or calculated.

it’s been a long day in this here ocean of maya, and i’m gonna skip the epilogue narration so i can hit the sack by 02:30. i won’t tell you that i’ll pass out watching 3D modeling tutorials on my ipad because then you’d think i’d lost it. :)

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